7 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs a Home Caregiver

Most seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Living at home provides the security of a familiar setting and independence from being on their own. However, most seniors also find it difficult to admit when they need help. This is why it is important for family members to recognize the signs of a senior loved one who is no longer able to live on their own without support. The following warning signs indicate that home care services are needed. Home care is a great system that allows seniors to remain living at home. All seniors will have different needs, and so a unique care plan is developed based on what is best for each individual. For example, some seniors need help wi

Understanding the Different Types of Elder Abuse

Home caregivers and family members caring for senior loved ones can always be diligent about looking out for the signs of elder abuse. Seniors can be at risk for abuse by anyone, from their doctors to their friends. Elder abuse is defined as any form of intentional treatment or mistreatment of an elderly person that is designed to deprive him or her of: Basic necessities, such as shelter, food, clothing, and so forth Dignity and self respect Personal integrity Reasonable care and safety Resources, such as income and/or property Elder abuse can occur at all income levels, to all ethnicities, to all religious beliefs, and to any gender. It is usually intentional but may also occur unintentiona

Bicycle Safety Tips for Seniors

Bike riding is a great form of exercise and often a highly enjoyable one, too! Cycling gets your heart rate going, uses several muscle groups, and gets you out and about in your neighborhood or in nature. It’s also an activity that can be done solo or as a group with friends, family, and other cyclists. If you are a senior, there are a few extra safety precautions to take in order to prevent injury and ensure a safe ride. As we get older, our balance becomes shakier, our vision weakens, and our reaction time decreases, especially when we start to suffer limited mobility from illnesses such as arthritis. If you are a senior and are still able-bodied enough to ride a bike, the following ti

Bright Tips for Seniors to Combat the Winter Blues

Winter can be a difficult time for anyone, due to the cloudy days, wet weather, and cold temperatures that typically accompany the season. However, these issues are oftentimes more severe for seniors. Moods can so quickly fall during a rainy winter in San Francisco, which is why it's essential for seniors to do all they can to combat the winter blues. Thankfully, there are a myriad of useful tips that help to facilitate better moods and an increase in happiness. Why Winter Weather is Extra Difficult for Seniors For seniors, winter weather is extra difficult than it is for people who are young and more able bodied, though this is mitigated somewhat when making use of a home caregiver. The col

How to Establish Boundaries Between Home Caregivers and Seniors

The life of a home caregiver is filled with many potential rewards. Most home caregivers receive a calling at some point in their lives to help others. Providing home care to those in need allows caregivers to answer this calling while receiving both personal and financial benefits. People receiving home care also greatly benefit from the services a home caregiver provides. They feel a sense of independence that comes with having a caregiver, rather than a family member in the home. Paying for a caregiver through insurance or other means allows patients to maintain a sense of control over their lives during a scary time, while lessening the guilt that is all too often felt from relying on fa

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