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7 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs a Home Caregiver

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Most seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Living at home provides the security of a familiar setting and independence from being on their own. However, most seniors also find it difficult to admit when they need help. This is why it is important for family members to recognize the signs of a senior loved one who is no longer able to live on their own without support. The following warning signs indicate that home care services are needed.

Home care is a great system that allows seniors to remain living at home. All seniors will have different needs, and so a unique care plan is developed based on what is best for each individual. For example, some seniors need help with showering, purchasing groceries, or doing household chores. Whether it is a reminder to take their medication or someone to do the laundry, a home caregiver can provide assistance. Having the extra support from a caregiver allows the family to rest easy knowing their loved one is taken care of. Here are some of the signs that an elderly parent needs the help of a professional home caregiver:

1. Increased Health Issues

One of the first ways to recognize that an elderly person needs some help is they are experiencing an increase in health issues. Seniors may fall often, be short of breath, or have trouble waking up and functioning. They may also have problems taking their medications on time. If your senior loved one is having a hard time recovering from a surgery or another setback, it may be time to get a home caregiver to help.

2. They Can No Longer Manage Everyday Tasks

Whether an elderly parent lives in a home or an apartment makes no difference. There are numerous everyday tasks that must be done to keep up with any space. There is cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other daily things that must be done to keep a home tidy. If the home of your elderly parent is messy, disorganized, or in need of cleaning, they need the support of home care.

3. Changes In Appearance

When a senior begins to have difficulties coping with their everyday tasks, it often shows in their appearance. For example, they may not be able to properly dress themselves. They may wear the same clothes for days in a row or they have not eaten in days. They may lose or gain weight, depending on how well or how poor their eating habits are. Look for signs such as unclean hair, urine smells, dirty clothes, in-brushed teeth, or a general unkempt appearance. It is one of the first signs that help is needed.

4. They Isolate Themselves

Though an elderly parent will often feel lonely, isolation is a big sign of trouble. When there are many things going on that they cannot control, it is typical for seniors to isolate themselves and not want to deal with the situation. As people begin to age, their social circles shrink. Their friends pass and have health issues, and their ability to get out decreases with medical complications. However, seniors need to have regular visitors to ensure that they have something to look forward to. Utilizing home care services will provide company, and it also allows seniors to be accountable to someone. Depression can easily set in when a person has nothing to do each day and nothing to look forward to.

5. Mail/Bills Are Unopened and Piling Up

Bills piling up is a sign that an elderly parent may be experiencing some difficulty. They may let the mail collect and not open it, which can signal trouble in many areas. An elderly parent may not pay their bills or ignore the fact that they even have bills. It is not uncommon to see letters from charities to which they are donating money. Older people can be quite generous, especially if they feel they are doing good by someone. A pile of bills can indicate financial troubles, and they might need some help.

6. Mobility Issues Are Becoming Apparent

As a person begins to age, they are are a greater risk for accidents and injuries. They may have some knocks or scrapes on them that indicates they are falling. The risk of seniors falling and injuring themselves is great. If your elderly parent is still driving, there may be some dings or dents on the car, too. At some point, it will be difficult for them to be able to drive without issue. Taking public transportation systems, if they are available, may not be a viable option anymore because seniors may be confused about changing buses or where to get on and off. Getting the errands done outside of the home may be impossible. If they are isolating themselves and not leaving the home, a home caregiver can help.

7. Inadequately Stocked Cabinets

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is a pretty good indicator of how an elderly parent truly is doing. Are there dirty dishes in the sink with crusted food on them? What about the refrigerator? Is the refrigerator clean or is their old leftovers and filth inside? Is there plenty of food between the cabinets and the refrigerator? An elderly parent may need help with their shopping or cooking. They need to have a kitchen area that is clean and organized. It is very easy to get sick by ingesting germs from an unkempt kitchen area. If things are beginning to slip, the kitchen is a good place to take notice.

Home Care Services for Elderly Parents

Home caregiving allows people, who would normally have to make other arrangements, to stay in their homes. If you have noticed any of the above signs in your elderly parents, it is a good indicator that home care services are needed.

Interested in learning more? Contact Alegre Home Care and learn about our reputable Stockton, CA elder care services and the surrounding communities that we serve!

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