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Welcome to Alegre Home Care


My name is Charles Symes, agency owner of Alegre Home Care. Locally owned, Alegre Home Care has been providing senior care and elderly caregivers that have been serving people with disabilities for over 25 years. In those 25 years we have found that there is no substitute for real experience. Being locally owned and a part of the community, Alegre Home Care can help with questions and services unique to the area. 


We are a diverse, and inclusive in-home care agency, specializing in senior care and dementia care. We are also the only LGBT-Certified in-home care agency in California. We always go above and beyond, because we believe people matter.


Alegre Home Care understands that coming into your home is a privilege and that we must earn your trust and confidence. All of our elderly caregivers complete a thorough reference check, criminal background check, complete competency exams, and conduct a personal individual interview. All caregivers are experienced with facility or in-home caregiving, or both. We match caregivers based on care needs of the individual and strengths of the employee.


I invite you to call your neighborhood Alegre Home Care location and schedule your in-home appointment for a free consultation.


Charles E. Symes II

( Local Resident & Alegre Home Care Agency Owner )

Alegre Home Care

To provide compassionate, inclusive, personalized in-home care services designed to help people remain connected to their communities and stay independent in their own homes. 



Strengthened communities and a higher standard of living for seniors and people with disabilities. 



A high quality, in-home care agency you can trust.

Our experienced caregivers follow a care plan tailored to the specific needs and requests of each client. Aging in place and the privacy of one’s own home can be the happiest and healthiest place for recovery and for maintaining a high quality of life.

Our Story

Alegre Home Care agency owner, Charles Symes, has worked in the home caregiving field for over 35 years. He began this journey caring for members of his own family and then working for national and local home care agencies. Ten years later, in 1993, he founded Alegre Home Care. It was his time to follow his passion of serving seniors and people with disabilities with his unique experiences and commitment to local community.


Today Alegre Home Care provides in-home care assistance to clients from 9 locations and 13 counties around the San Francisco Bay Area.  As an industry leader in senior care and dementia care, Charles Symes has served on numerous committees and held the position of Chapter President of the Home Care Association for many years. He ensures that all of his agency’s in-home caregivers receive Advanced Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease and was named a Certified Alzheimer’s Whisperer for the work he has done in providing quality care to seniors who have dementia.

Charles Symes is a board member of the Golden Gate Business Group and achieved status as an LGBT-Certified business for Alegre Home Care in 2014. In 2017, Alegre Home Care was recognized as the largest LGBT-Owned business in the San Francisco Bay Area. All caregivers from Alegre Home Care go through anti-discriminatory and LGBT Cultural Humility Training in order to best serve California’s aging LGBT population.

Charles Symes’ passion to serve continues and it is his goal that Alegre Home Care employees and clients alike will have a positive experience with personalized and professional in-home care assistance in Modesto and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

caregivers San Fransisco

“We are so thankful to both Shondra and Stacy - two wonderful and highly experienced caregivers, who went above and beyond for my mother, who is in late stage dementia and needs a hoyer lift to get from bed into a wheelchair. Alegre has our highest recommendation both in the care they provide and the ease in communication.”

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