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“I know I will be up and about soon, but having this help while I recover has been invaluable.”

Injury Recovery Services

Recovering from an illness or injury isn’t always a straightforward process. In some cases, it might take weeks or months until you feel like yourself again. During that time, it may be hard to continue doing everything you used to do before your illness or injury. Running errands, taking care of the house, cooking meals — all the little demands of life take energy and strength that you might not have as you focus on recovery.


Injury recovery services are an ideal solution. In-home care allows people to stay in a familiar, comforting environment. Injury recovery caregivers are trained to handle housekeeping, cooking, and other routine tasks, so you can put all your energy towards healing.


Benefits of Recovery Services


Who is a good candidate for recovery services? Anyone who has recently suffered an illness or injury and needs some extra help can benefit from this type of care. People of any age find that these recovery services help them feel better and regain their independence more quickly. Benefits of recovery services include reduced loneliness, monitoring of symptoms, speedy recovery, increased rest, personalized attention, help with discharge instructions, and general in-home care. 


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Preparing for or recovering from surgery, injury, or illness may be a time when temporary help is needed. Our caregivers in San Francisco and the surrounding areas can help complete the discharge plan for a speedy recovery and rehabilitation at home.


Injury Recovery Services Include:


  • Following discharge orders

  • Personal care (bathing, grooming & dressing)

  • Monitoring of symptoms & vital signs

  • Medication reminders

  • Meal preparation & feeding assistance

  • Monitoring of food & fluid intake 

  • Laundry duties/bed linen changing

  • Light housekeeping

  • Companionship & leisure activities


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