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Apply as a Home Caregiver

Are you passionate about helping others live fulfilling and meaningful lives? We are looking for people who have chosen caregiving as their life’s work.


Apply today as a home caregiver and work with a great home health care agency team that will match your skills to the needs of the clients we serve. Live and work in your neighborhood and be part of strengthening your community. Our clients are looking for someone just like you.

Work for a Reputable Home Care Agency

A reputable home care agency understands that its business model is only as strong as the caregivers themselves. All of our home caregivers are employed by Alegre Home Care agency and our supportive office teams are available 24/7 to assist as home caregivers provide high quality care to our clients, families, and the local communities we serve. We are a full service, employer-based home health care agency. An employer/employee relationship is established by fulfilling payroll responsibilities and maintaining liability insurance, bonding, and worker compensation insurance.

We Take Care of Our Caregivers

Caring for people in their homes requires qualities like empathy, compassion, patience, fortitude, and excellent communication skills, and the home care agency you work for should reflect those same qualities in how they treat their caregivers.


At Alegre Home Care, we provide our home caregivers with a flexible schedule, stable hours, invaluable training, and opportunities for career advancement. Healthy lifestyle is a pillar of our home care agency. We fully embrace the Affordable Care Act and ask employees to give us their flexibility so we may maximize their schedule to achieve the minimum weekly hour requirement of 30 hours to qualify for benefits. 


Alegre Home Care is always looking for quality home caregivers. Please reach out to us at one of our California locations if you are interested in a home caregiving position. 


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