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Caregiver Spotlight: Karina Fulfills A Caregiving Mission

caregiver, Alegre Home Care

Many caregivers feel that their work is a calling, and this is especially true for Karina, who has worked as a caregiver with Alegre Home Care since 2019. Karina hadn’t exactly planned to be a caregiver when she immigrated to the United States, but her faith inspired her to pursue this career. Karina felt like it was a mission given to her, to contribute a positive impact in her community. 

Her coworkers can see this dedication reflected in the quality of her caregiving services. The Alegre Home Care North Bay team shares, “Karina is a wonderful in-home care aide and an outstanding employee. Karina has experience with dementia, hospice, Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, transfers, and being a kind and caring companion.”

The daughter of one of Karina’s clients recently sent this sentiment, “We’re extremely happy with Karina and her dedication and professionalism. She’s absolutely wonderful.”

Caregiving Provides a Sense of Fulfillment

Karina gives so much as a caregiver, and she believes she receives much in return, too. She loves the inner joy she experiences for making a client laugh or smile, especially since so many seniors experience loneliness and depression. She’s happy she can provide a sense of independence for them through in-home care services, which are designed to help people remain as independent as possible in the comfort of their homes. 

When asked what she likes about her work with Alegre Home Care, Karina responded, “I feel the sense of fulfillment because I know I have helped the client. I get to meet a lot of different elderly people. I learn a lot about what it means to be old and about the frustrations of the elderly. They were once active and have now lost their independence. You can’t blame them for being frustrated, but you can help them. The fulfillment I feel when I help them makes me happy. “

She appreciates how caregiving is providing her with a sense of how it feels to age into the senior stage of life. She has become more patient, tolerant, and understanding as a result. 

Investing in a Healthy Lifestyle

Karina spends a lot of time helping her clients stay healthy, and she invests time for her own health, too. When she’s not working, Karina attends classes with Pure Barre. “I want to stay strong and healthy to be able to continue taking care of my clients and my own father,” she explains. 

She also loves to cook and try new recipes, dancing, singing, and making artificial flower arrangements to beautify her home. She loves the simple things, too, like curling up on the couch with her husband and watching their favorite Filipino soap opera together.

Karina is happy to continue on her path as a caregiver, and to keep fulfilling her mission to help the seniors in her care. “Caregiving gives me a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day,” Karina shares, “Knowing I have been in service to a senior who needed my help.”


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