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Helping Seniors and People with Disabilities to Vote

It’s important for seniors to understand that their vote matters. Like every other citizen, the senior vote counts. While many seniors are expert voters due to years of experience casting a ballot, seniors who are experiencing health problems or who are relying on care from others may struggle with navigating the voting system. People with disabilities also need similar support.

This is where caregivers play a key role in helping the people in their care to vote. Some common questions include:

Am I too old to vote?

How do I register?

Do I have to mail my vote-by-mail ballot?

Can I vote in person? Where?

How can I be sure my ballot has been counted?

Since seniors and people with disabilities are particularly affected by many of the key issues determined by an election — such as Social Security and affordable health care — it is important that they are empowered to vote.

Helping Seniors and People with Disabilities to Vote

Caregivers can help seniors and people with disabilities by providing resources, arranging transportation, and answering questions. If caregivers understand the information, they will be equipped to support the people in their care. The following steps will help:

Step 1: Register to Vote. Ensure that clients who want to vote are properly registered. People can register online or by completing a Voter Registration Card.

Step 2: Understand the Issues. Caregivers can help clients be informed of the issues in the upcoming election and what the different party platforms are. It is important for caregivers to relay the facts only and not try to sway clients to their political leanings.

Step 3: Cast the Vote. There are many options available for casting a ballot.

  • Vote by mail. All voters should receive a Vote-by-Mail for the November 3, 2020 election.

  • Curbside voting. Allows people to park as close as possible to the voting area and receive voting materials from election officials. Contact the county elections office to see if curbside voting is available in your area.

  • Voting Machines. Cast a ballot in person. Caregivers can inquire about accessible voting machines.

A vote-by-mail ballot is usually the best option for seniors and people with disabilities. There are several ways a vote-by-mail ballot can be delivered:

  • Mailing it to your country elections official

  • Returning it in-person to a polling place

  • Dropping it into a county ballot dropbox

  • Authorizing someone to return the ballot on your behalf

How can you be sure a ballot has been counted?

All voters can check the status of their ballot by visiting

There is also a new Where’s My Ballot? Initiative in California. A voter who has signed up for this service will receive notifications via email, text, or voice message and can track where their ballot is every step of the way. For more information, visit

The Support of In-Home Care Services

In-home care services encompass much more than basic needs and housekeeping. Enabling seniors and people with disabilities to vote is an example of the types of benefits caregivers provide.

If you have questions about caregiving or in-home care services, please reach out to Alegre Home Care at one of our Northern California locations. We are a diverse and inclusive in-home care agency, serving people in our communities for over 25 years.


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