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5 Apps That Help People with Disabilities

apps that help people with disabilities, caregivers, seniors

The advancement of technology has always gone hand in hand with assisting people who have disabilities. Many of our everyday products and services were first designed for or by people with disabilities, such as automated doors. Which means that advancements in technology don’t merely serve people with disabilities — everyone benefits when we create a more accessible world.

On the forefront of today’s modern technology are mobile applications, better known simply as “apps”. If you can think of it, there’s an app for that, including ones that assist people with disabilities. The functions of these apps range from visual support to medication reminders to community engagement and more. And their benefits extend beyond helping people with disabilities — seniors, professional caregivers, family caregivers, people with chronic illnesses, and people who are in trauma or injury recovering can also gain assistance through the use of these applications.

Assistive apps help solve one of the biggest issues for caregivers and people with disabilities, which is time constraint. More often than not, everything takes longer when there is a disability. Caregivers and their clients are frequently pressed for time, but the ease and accessibility of having assistance at your fingertips makes apps the perfect solution.

The Latest Assistive Apps That Help People with Disabilities

2019 was a groundbreaking year for the development of apps that help people with disabilities and 2020 is on track to bring even more assistive apps to the market. Through the power of this technology, caregivers are witnessing more accessibility and inclusivity for their clients. Below is a round-up of our top five picks of apps that benefit caregivers, seniors, and people with disabilities.

Designed by a person with autism, Miracle Modus mitigates sensory overload through the experience of hypnotic rainbows and soft bells. It is a quick and easy solution for reducing stress in sensory-sensitive clients. The app is free, simple to use, and starts working within a matter of seconds. Caregivers benefit by having an efficient and time-saving way to help reduce stress in clients and provide a sense of calm in an overly-stimulating world.

To help caregivers and people with disabilities navigate public spaces and search for specific disability-friendly features, child CEO Alex Knoll created The Ability App. Users can research the level of accessibility at any public space, such as a retail store, restaurant, hotel, park, or theater. The app provides a score of how disability-friendly a location is, based on a number of categories. This helps caregivers save time and provides a better community experience for both caregivers and the people in their care. The app is currently in beta testing and will be launching soon.

By using augmentative and alternative communication technology, CoughDrop helps fill in the gaps for people who struggle with speech issues. It is often difficult to understand people who have conditions such as cerebral palsy, dementia, and speech impediments. CoughDrop eliminates this issue, enabling clearer translation and strengthening communication between caregivers and their clients.

Developed by Medisafe, this assistive app is free to download and provides help managing medications. Caregivers who have multiple clients will find this app particularly beneficial as a supplement to their usual medication tracking documents. The app provides a useful reminder to take medication whether a person is at home, traveling, or on an outing.

This free app can be accessed by wheelchair users worldwide. It’s main function is to help people in wheelchairs find accessible parking spaces and bathrooms. It is powered by wheelchair users who add and verify every single location themselves. Wheelmate is of particular benefit to caregivers when they are out of the home with clients who use wheelchairs or who have mobility issues.

Combining Technology with Caregiving

Caregiving is a rewarding but demanding vocation. Home caregivers are often tasked with many different responsibilities, depending on the needs of their individual clients. Some clients just need company and assistance with housekeeping or meal preparation, while others seek out home care services because they need medical care their families can't provide. Regardless of what the needs are, it’s guaranteed that caregivers will stay busy in this line of work. Technology can be of huge assistance by cutting down time, providing resources, improving communication, and making the world more accessible for seniors and people with disabilities.

At Alegre Home Care agency, we ensure that all of our in home caregivers receive the most up-to-date caregiving training and education. As industry leaders, we understand the value of technology and the benefits it provides to both caregivers and the people receiving care. If you have any questions about our in home care services or educational resources, please contact us at one of our Northern California locations.

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