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Alegre Home Care Holiday Celebrations

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A reputable home care agency understands that its business model is only as strong as the caregivers themselves. By incorporating high standards, an in-home care agency gains many benefits, including a low turnover/high retention rate for caregivers and producing a quality service that results in satisfied clients and a well known reputation.

Alegre Home Care has been serving seniors and people with disabilities in local communities for over 25 years. With 7 locations and in-home services within 13 counties around the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a reason Alegre Home Care is known as the “neighborhood home care agency”.

If you’re a home caregiver at Alegre Home Care, you know that community is important to us and that this includes our community of caregivers and staff. One of the traditions at Alegre Home Care is to celebrate our employees during the holidays. Below are photos and summaries of our December holiday events of 2019.

In-Home Care San Francisco, South Bay, East Bay

Alegre Home Care has offices in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, and our in-home caregivers provide home care services throughout the Bay Area. We had a great time enjoying good food, good music, and good company at Dominic’s at Oyster Point in South San Francisco. We were also happy to announce the San Francisco office employee of the year, Mai Nguyen (pictured below).

in-home care San Francisco

In-Home Care North Bay

Our North Bay offices are located in San Rafael and Santa Rosa. We had so much fun getting together at our holiday event and were especially excited to pass around gifts for our employees.

in-home care Santa Rosa, San Rafael

In-Home Care Central Valley

The California Central Valley locations include Modesto, Stockton, and San Mateo. In-home caregivers were privy to an extra treat at this holiday gathering when Alegre Home Care owner, Charles Symes, played the saxophone as guests arrived!

In-home care Modesto, Stockton, Charles Symes

The Benefits of Working for a Reputable Home Care Agency

Holiday parties aren’t the only benefits of working at Alegre Home Care! We also provide specialized training, ongoing education, flexible schedules, career advancement opportunities, and more! If you are interested in becoming an in-home caregiver, please contact us at one of our Northern California locations.

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