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5 Ways Caregivers Can Celebrate Pride with LGBT Seniors

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It must be remembered that the current group of LGBT seniors have lived through monumental changes in the social perception of their lifestyle. Most, if not all of these individuals, have been the target of at least some form of prejudice due to their sexual orientation. As LGBT seniors are part of a demographic that has historically placed them in the way of prejudice and abuse, being able to address their concerns in an honest and straightforward way is paramount to providing quality home caregiving services.

With Pride Month in full swing in the San Francisco Bay Area, LGBT seniors who are receiving home care services may want to join in on Pride events. It may also be the case that there are LGBT seniors who will be limited in their ability to participate in activities due to illness, mobility issues, or injuries.

5 Ways Caregivers Can Celebrate Pride with LGBT Seniors

Home caregivers can assist by offering ways LGBT seniors can celebrate Pride within the comfort of their own homes and physical abilities. Below are five ways caregivers can help bring a little Pride to the LGBT seniors who are in their care:

1. Watch the parade. If it is physically possible, home caregivers can assist LGBT seniors with transportation to and from the Pride parade. Other alternatives include watching the parade on television or listening in on the radio. Caregivers can also help LGBT seniors find photos and videos of the parade on social media.

2. Host a Pride party. Facilitating a gathering of a few friends is one way to bring the party indoors. Caregivers can help shop for decorations, arrange food and beverages, invite the guests, and monitor the festivities.

3. Share a story. 2018’s “Seniors Tell All” activity at San Francisco Pride empowered seniors to engage in open conversation to share their stories of activism and resistance. Keeping within this sentiment, home caregivers can ask the LGBT seniors in their care if they would like to share their stories. The stories can be recorded, written down, or shared among friends.

4. Dress up. Sometimes, getting a little dressed up in the theme of Pride is all that’s needed to get into the spirit of the festivities. Ask LGBT seniors what they consider to be Pride apparel and help by purchasing accessories and clothing. Caregivers can participate by dressing up in Pride colors themselves.

5. Be an ally. When it comes to home care services, what counts the most for LGBT seniors is knowing that their caregivers are their allies. A survey from the National Senior Citizens Law Center revealed that more than 80 percent of seniors interviewed believed that staff and other residents would discriminate against an LGBT elder who was out of the closet in a nursing home or assisted care facility. Home caregivers, alternatively, provide a sense of security and safety by providing LGBT seniors the dignity to age within the comfort and privacy of their own homes. A small Pride-themed gift or even just some kind words can make a big difference in helping LGBT seniors celebrate Pride.

The Importance of a Reputable Home Care Agency for LGBT Seniors

Given the requirements that come with LGBT business certification, a home care agency that is LGBT-certified has shown that it goes above and beyond with its caregiving services and policies. This makes Alegre Home Care well qualified to serve the LGBT population, as we are the only LGBT-certified home care agency in Northern California and are also recognized by the Business Times as the largest LGBT-owned company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We even go one step further by ensuring that all of our home caregivers have completed LGBT Cultural Humility Training.

If you would like to learn more about our home care services, please contact us at one of our Northern California locations.

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