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Are You Using Therapeutic Communication Techniques?

The core values of in-home care include the commitment and ability to develop a therapeutic relationship between caregiver and client. Unlike a social relationship which emphasizes a give-and-receive dynamic, a therapeutic relationship is client-centered and the well-being of the person receiving care is always the priority. By using therapeutic communication techniques, in-home caregivers can ensure that a client’s autonomy and dignity are honored.

What Is Therapeutic Communication?

Therapeutic communication emphasizes compassion and empathy, with the objective of elevating a person’s well-being. This mindset is always at the forefront of therapeutic communication, and governs how and when caregivers communicate with the people in their care. For example, choosing a time that is best for a client to discuss a sensitive manner, attending patiently to a client’s needs, and offering a listening ear.

Below are therapeutic communication techniques that in-home caregivers can utilize with their clients:

  • Promote positive changes and wellness

  • Focus on a client’s needs

  • Validate a client’s feelings

  • Identify goals and help with progressing towards these goals

  • Evaluate different outcomes and work towards optimal wellness

  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Listen with patience and compassion

  • Remain neutral and objective

  • Ask for clarification when something isn’t clear

  • Lead with broad openings such as, “What would you like to talk about today?”

Therapeutic communication techniques do not only have to exist between caregiver and client — the values of compassionate communication are helpful within many types of relationships.

These techniques are the basis for therapeutic communication. In order to truly establish therapeutic communication, in-home caregivers need to understand their own feelings and needs. By knowing ourselves, we prevent ourselves from projecting our biases and opinions on others. It also enables us to accept the differences of others while not taking those differences personally.

Quality In-Home Care Services

The best senior care and in-home care services require compassionate caregiving. Using therapeutic communication ensures that compassion is always front and center. If you're looking for a caregiver in Modesto with those communication skills, Alegre Home Care can help. As a community-based, inclusive agency offering in home care services in Modesto and nearby Bay Area communities, our caregivers understand the value of relationships.

For more information or a FREE CONSULTATION, contact us at (800) 598-4777.

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