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Safe Lifting Techniques for Using Hoyer Lifts

In-home caregiving services sometimes require lifting or transferring a client. Depending on the circumstances, a Hoyer lift can be the safest and easiest option for transferring a client safely. A Hoyer lift is a mobility tool used to help people with mobility challenges get from one location in the home to another. For instance, getting out of bed and to the bathroom. Hoyer lifts enable a person with limited mobility to safely get around and spares caregivers the extra strain and risks of moving a person manually.

What Are the Different Types of Hoyer Lifts?

There are many types of Hoyer lifts, all with the basic premise of utilizing a sling and hydraulic arm to help people move around. Universal slings or U-slings are the most common. Full body and standing slings are less common. Some examples of Hoyer lifts include:

  • Power Hoyer Lifts

  • Manual Hoyer Lifts

  • Sit-to-stand Hoyer Lifts

  • Ceiling Hoyer Lifts

A Hoyer lift is for the client’s safety as well as the caregiver’s. Proper handling of equipment can prevent falls, bruises, and skin tears.

Basic Steps for Using A Hoyer Lift

It is important to use a Hoyer lift safely. These are the basic steps for safe lifting techniques when using a Hoyer lift. In-home caregivers should have proper training before using a Hoyer lift. The steps in this article are a basic overview only.

  1. Clear space and remove any potential obstacles.

  2. Check stability.

  3. Connect the boom and sling bars.

  4. Check the sling for any defects.

  5. Apply the sling.

  6. Use manual or electric power lifting, depending on the Hoyer lift.

  7. Complete the transfer. The final Hoyer lift should be done once you have checked off all the above steps.

  8. Transfer and lower client.

  9. Once securely in place, unhook the sling’s loops from the lift and move the lift out of the way.

  10. Remove the sling from the client. Hoyer lift transfer is fully complete!

Safety Precautions When Using A Hoyer Lift

There are some specific precautions to follow when using a Hoyer lift that will help keep both caregivers and clients safe. For example, never push or pull on the Hoyer lift boom. Pushing or pulling on the boom can cause the lift to tip over!

When lifting, always keep the client centered over the base and facing the person who is operating the Hoyer lift. It’s important to never use the Hoyer lift to lift or transfer anything other than the client. To reduce the hazard of tipping over, in-home caregivers can spread adjustable base lifters to their widest position before lifting the client.

Benefits Of In-Home Care Services

In-home care services improve quality of life in many ways. Being cared for in your own home, or in a family member’s home, instead of in a facility with strangers, provides comfort and is beneficial for mental and emotional well-being. Senior in-home care in particular is beneficial for emotional well-being, since moving seniors from their space of comfort can be stressful and disheartening.

Do you or a loved one need in-home care services? Alegre Home Care is here to help! Receiving care at home begins with a phone call and a free consultation. We provide what’s best for you — Alegre Home Care can help you from as little as a 1.5 hour visit, to 24 hour care or even full time live-in care services. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free consultation.


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