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Caregiving Tips: Unique Ways to Give Thanks

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With Thanksgiving soon approaching, it is a good time to reflect and give thanks to the abundance of blessings we have in our lives. Gratitude isn't always an easy thing to practice, especially when there is change or hardships, but the act of giving thanks opens the door for this emotion. Caregivers know this and practice it with their clients everyday. It's a big part of providing quality care and helping people live their best possible lives, even through old age and health conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s Disease.

The practice of gratitude doesn’t need to be restricted to holidays like Thanksgiving either; giving thanks can become part of a daily practice. The benefits of giving thanks on a regular basis are plentiful. Studies show improvements in everything from physical health to emotional wellbeing to relationships with others. Caregivers benefit from gratitude because it can improve the relationships they have with their clients and their ability to feel less stressed during challenging in-home care tasks.

5 Unique Ways to Give Thanks

There are many ways to give thanks and express gratitude for both the small things and the big things in our lives. We enjoy these five unique ways to give thanks:

Write a letter. Express your appreciation for someone in your life. Writing a letter is a way to show someone that you value them. It’s also a way to preserve memories and create moments of nostalgia. You can even write a letter to yourself and tuck it away for reading on a rainy day or when you need a bit of cheering up.

Do an act of kindness. Even the smallest pebbles create ripples. A simple smile or a meal shared with a friend can go a long way in giving back and paying your blessings forward. Everyone can make a positive difference, no matter who they are or what their station is in life.

Start a gratitude journal. At the beginning or end of each day, write down 3-5 things you are grateful for and why. At the end of each week, read through your journal to remind yourself of all the things you feel grateful for.

Honor nature. Mother nature is always giving us an abundance of gifts, whether it’s air to breathe or water to drink or just the flowers that make us smile when we pass them by on a walk. Ways to give thanks to nature include planting a tree, watering a thirsty plant, feeding the birds, donating to an environmental charity, and simply saying thank you.

Create a collage. Gathering images or photos (you can even take the photos yourself) of things for which you are grateful will inspire many moments of appreciation for what you have in your life. As you compose the collage, you can see how all the different pieces come together to make up the whole. It’s a good reminder of how things are connected and the beautiful collage it all makes.

How Caregivers Give Thanks Everyday

Caregiving itself helps to foster gratitude since it contains the components of being of service, helping others, and connecting. The caregivers at Alegre Home Care often go above and beyond for their clients by cooking them their favorite meals, offering a listening ear, and creating care plans that are unique to each individual. Caregivers see their work as a vocation, as a way of giving thanks through acts of service in their communities.

Gratitude is also something that in-home caregivers can help their clients practice, such as keeping a gratitude journal together. It’s these little things that make in-home care services so valuable.

If you or a loved one is in need of quality in-home care services, please reach out to Alegre Home Care. We serve 13 counties in Northern California and have been providing caregiving services for over 25 years.


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