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Alegre Home Care Welcomes Frances M. To The Team

From caregiver to medical technician to service coordinator, Frances M. has explored many roles within the caregiving industry. She started her path to caregiving by providing for her grandmother. She often checked in on her grandmother, who was at a facility, and provided extra care to help her grandmother age as gracefully as possible.

Caring for others was an important aspect of Frances’ family life, and it was her mother-in-law who suggested Frances work at an assisted living facility with her. Frances loved the role and had compassion to treat the people in her care as if they were family, with the same quality of care she gave to her own grandmother.

Frances went on to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and also worked as a home health aide at nursing facilities. Her experience in the field positioned her for a role as a Service Coordinator. Of course, Frances kept moving up and also took on a marketing position. She was like the caregiving version of a Jack-of-all-trades!

She loved taking on the various roles. Each time Frances tried a new role and succeeded, she was able to build self-esteem and confidence, both with her career and as a person. She explains,

“When I first transitioned from Service Coordinator to marketing, I was brand new and nervous, but I took the chance and did it well. It’s not easy to jump into different roles, but you believe in yourself that you’ll succeed. It’s very rewarding.”

Joining the Alegre Home Care Team

The most recent role for Frances is Service Coordinator for the Alegre Home Care office in Modesto. She lives close by, so the location is perfect, and she already enjoys working for the in-home care agency.

She particularly enjoys being a Service Coordinator. Since she has experience as a caregiver herself, she understands what it’s like and can empathize with the caregivers. She knows what caregivers are going through when they come to her for advice. She knows what actions to take, because she’s been on the other side. With all her years of experience, Frances can provide mentoring and lend her expertise.

Outside of work, Frances loves to spend time with her family. She and her husband enjoy taking their five kids on trips and long drives through the mountains. She also likes connecting with her community and being at church or out in her neighborhood.

Frances believes it’s important to enjoy what you do. She even likes doing payroll, despite being intimidated by the task at first. Her recent and relevant knowledge of Home Care Regulations, Caregiver Recruitment and Retention, Client Customer Service, and all around familiarity of non-medical home care is a terrific background and Alegre Home Care is thrilled to have her join the team.


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