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Why Is Caregiving an Essential Vocation?

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Many people providing in-home care services refer to caregiving as a vocation, as something they have been called to do. Caregiving is a personally intimate field of work. Caregivers become close not only to their clients but also with the family members and loved ones of their clients. Caring for other people can be challenging and yet it is so important that people receive the best quality of care they deserve. Caregivers feel called to provide this high level of care, so that people can continue to maintain their dignity and independence while they are aging, recovering from illness, or healing from injury.

A vocation is a strong sense of suitability for a particular career. The word is derived from the Latin vocare and literally means “to call”, which is why a vocation and a calling are interchangeable. The biggest distinction between a job and a vocation is that a job is about doing and a vocation is about being. A vocation is an authentic expression of who you are and who you want to be in this world.

Being Called to Caregiving

In-home care services make a big difference to many people's quality of life. Seniors and people with disabilities often rely on the help of caregivers so they can continue living in their own homes. But in-home caregiving isn't just good for clients — it's good for caregivers, too.

According to the National Opinion Research Center (2014), 83% of caregivers view their work as a positive experience. It’s no surprise that people are willing to do hard work if they find it rewarding enough! Caregiving is a fulfilling service, since caregivers often feel that they gain as much as they give.

There are many benefits to being an in-home caregiver, including flexible hours, educational opportunities, connection to community, diversity of experience, and creative expression.

Being a caregiver is about bringing joy to people’s lives and making a real difference in the strength of our communities. In-home caregivers make it possible for people to remain independent and receive care from the comfort of their own homes. This often results in decreased loneliness and increased happiness for people receiving home care services. Caregivers can rest easy at the end of the day, knowing that their work is helping to make the world a better place.

Caregiving Is An Essential Vocation

During an event like the COVID-19 pandemic, caregivers play many important roles. People look up to caregivers as role models, as sources of inspiration and mentorship. It’s not uncommon to hear caregivers referred to as heroes for the services they continue to provide for their communities. Many caregivers take this to heart and make it their mission to provide the best caregiving services possible while inspiring others to do the same.

In this way, caregiving is not merely an essential business but an essential vocation, with caregivers going above and beyond to continue delivering high quality care.

In-home caregivers might be the first line of defense for the people in their care. As such, all Alegre Home Care employees are certified in a nationally recognized training program to prevent the transmission and spread of COVID 19. As our communities continue to work together to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the caregivers at Alegre Home Care are dedicated to being here for you.

If you or a loved one is in need of in-home care services, please contact us at one of our Northern California locations. We serve 9 locations and 13 counties around the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us here.

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