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Caregiver of the Month: Meet Sandeep

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Many in home caregivers believe that caregiving is a calling. Caregiving is more than just a job, it’s a vocation. This is the case for Sandeep, a caregiver who started with Alegre Home Care back in 2015. She has been working with the same client ever since, increasing her caregiving hours and adapting to her client’s needs over the years. Sandeep is a valuable member of Alegre Home Care and enjoys going above and beyond in her work.

Sandeep has always believed in helping other people. Her innate kindness motivated her to pursue a nursing career in her native country of India. When she moved to California, she knew that caregiving would be a natural extension of her career path as a nurse. Caring for people is a rewarding experience and she enjoys being of service to others.

“When I am talking to my clients, they share their feelings. It’s rewarding having people feel comfortable opening up to you.”

Always a team player, Sandeep is happy to talk to other caregivers regarding the needs for her current client, who is receiving around the clock senior care. Sandeep knows the routine of this client very well and has gone the extra mile by suggesting changes in her client’s care plan whenever she noticed a change in her client’s circumstances. This is one of the benefits of in home caregiving — care plans are developed around the unique needs of each individual in order to provide the best possible care. Sandeep understands this well and keeps the office informed whenever the client has a change of condition.

A High Quality Caregiver

One of the qualities that stands out about Sandeep is that she always shows kindness. For example, many times she has rearranged her private plans to step in when other caregivers have called off a shift. Sandeep is soft spoken and is always reassuring to her clients and to other caregivers. She believes that there needs to be sympathy and empathy towards clients. Her advice for other caregivers is to ask themselves what they would want for themselves and how they would want to be treated if they were in the same situation as their clients.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Caregiver?

There are many things Sandeep loves about being an in home caregiver. Caregiving with Alegre Home Care provides her with stable hours and a flexible schedule. Sandeep gets to connect with others while having the rewarding experience of contributing something positive to her community. We’re grateful to have Sandeep as part of the Alegre Home Care team!

About Alegre Home Care Agency

We provide compassionate, inclusive, personalized in-home care services designed to help people remain connected to their communities and stay independent in their own homes. Alegre Home Care is the only LGBT-Certified home care agency in California and is an industry leader in senior care and dementia care services.

Questions? Please contact us at one of our California caregiving locations!

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