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The Benefits of an LGBT-Certified Home Care Agency

lgbtq seniors, lgbt-certified home care agency

A home care agency that is an LGBT-certified business will truly understand the needs of LGBT seniors. This makes Alegre Home Care well qualified to serve the LGBT population, as we are the only LGBT-certified home care agency in Northern California and are also recognized by the Business Times as the largest LGBT-owned company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We even go one step further by ensuring that all of our home caregivers have completed LGBT Cultural Humility Training.

Caring for LGBT seniors can be a very rewarding experience. These individuals have a wonderful perspective on how the world and society has evolved over the past century. Providing proper attention to their special needs and concerns is key to unlocking the door to assisting them within a home care setting.

Providing Care with an LGBT-Certified Home Care Agency

Home caregiving is a vocation and a calling — it is much more than a regular “job”. If you want to have the most fulfilling vocation as a caregiver as possible, it is important to work with a reputable home care agency. Given the requirements that come with LGBT business certification, a home care agency that is LGBT-certified has shown that it goes above and beyond with its caregiving services and policies.

A reputable home care agency understands that its business model is only as strong as the caregivers themselves. The benefits for caregivers include:

  • Flexible Schedule. A reputable home care agency will provide at least some flexibility for their home caregivers. An agency like Alegre Home Care tries to find the best fit possible when pairing caregivers with clients, which takes factors like schedules into consideration.

  • Healthy Lifestyle. Support is offered to home caregivers and the home care agency will work with them to encourage healthy living so that both caregivers and clients feel taken care of.

  • Invaluable Training. As an LGBT-certified home care agency, caregivers at Alegre Home Care receive LGBT Cultural Humility Training. Our agency also offers on-the-job, formal classroom, and online training, either free of cost or actual paid training.

  • Career Opportunities. Reputable home care agencies will offer ongoing employment to their caregivers and will provide a career ladder to those who wish to further their education and move upward in the health care and nursing fields.

Alegre Home Care is always looking for quality caregivers who value working for a reputable home care agency in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a quality home caregiver in California.

Receiving Care from an LGBT-certified Home Care Agency

In many cases, LGBT seniors often put off utilizing assistive home care due to fear or uncertainty. The particular needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender seniors reflect the historical social context of their lives. As such, LGBTQ seniors often have unique needs and health disparities that require extra attention and care. An LGBT-certified home care agency understands that the current group of LGBT seniors have lived through monumental changes in the social perception of their lifestyle. The benefits of receiving care from an LGBT-certified home care agency include:

  • Specially Trained Caregivers. In addition to receiving regular home caregiving training such as First Aid and CPR, caregivers at Alegre Home Care also receive LGBT Cultural Humility Training.

  • Health Advocacy. Home caregivers support LGBTQ seniors by advocating for their rights during medical exams and procedures.

  • Social Connection. LGBTQ seniors on average experience more loneliness than their peers. Home caregivers help by facilitating outings, gatherings with friends, and community functions, as well as helping the seniors in their care connect to the people in their social circles.

  • Understanding and Empathy. Compassion and empathy are two cornerstones of caregiving, but caregivers from an LGBT-certified home care agency have an extra layer of understanding about the particular concerns facing LGBT seniors, such as discrimination.

  • Confidentiality. LGBT seniors will receive special confidentiality procedures that go above the normal privacy expectations of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

Alegre Home Care is an agency that truly understands home care services. As an LGBT-certified business, we have all the qualifications to serve the LGBT population with integrity and compassion. If you are interested in receiving home care services in Northern California, please contact us at one of our locations.

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