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How to Celebrate Spring with Seniors in California

How to Celebrate Spring with Seniors in California, home care services in California

Spring is a rejuvenating time for everybody. When the air outside starts to turn mild and the trees and bushes begin to regrow their foliage, it's easy to want to spend time enjoying the beauty of nature and the promise of warm weather ahead. There are plenty of ways people of all ages can celebrate the arrival of spring.

9 Ways to Celebrate Spring with Seniors

Here are nine ways for seniors, home caregivers, and people with senior family members to get into the springtime spirit.

1. Take a walk outside.

There's no better way to enjoy the arrival of spring than to simply go outside and experience the changing of the seasons firsthand. Nature walks are a wonderful way to spot the signs of spring — like flowers, new leaves, and birdsong — and get in touch with the earth. It's easy to adjust nature walks based on a person's ability level, too. Hiking in a nature preserve is great for people who have the stamina for it, but a senior who gets tired easily or who has mobility problems might enjoy simply taking a stroll around the block and looking for springtime flowers. A home caregiver can help with support on walks, which is especially beneficial for seniors with mobility issues.

2. Visit the farmer's market.

The return of warm weather means more fresh, locally-grown produce to enjoy. For a fun day out, home caregivers can take clients to their local farmer's market and help them pick out some tasty vegetables or fragrant flowers. A few ideas include pea shoots, artichokes, asparagus, and dandelion greens, all of which are in season during the spring in northern California. After returning from the farmer's market, caregivers can also help their clients cook something delicious with the produce they chose!

3. Do some spring cleaning.

Spring symbolizes a fresh start, which makes it the perfect time of year to open the windows, air out the house, and get rid of all the accumulated junk of winter. Home care services can be a big help in getting a senior's house ready for spring. Caregivers can help their clients with spring cleaning by:

  • Clearing out closets, packing away heavy winter clothes, and bringing out lighter springtime outfits.

  • Washing curtains and bedding.

  • Polishing furniture.

  • Deep cleaning areas of the house like the kitchen and the bathroom.

4. Bring some flowers or potted plants into the house.

Some fresh flowers or greenery can do wonders to perk up a house and bring some springtime spirit inside. The local farmer's market is a great place to find flowers. Potted herbs, like basil, rosemary, or mint, can help to brighten up the kitchen windowsill (and they're useful, too).

5. Plant a garden.

Growing a garden is a rewarding activity for kids, seniors, and everybody in between. Early spring is the perfect time to start seeds on the windowsill. Home caregivers can help their clients decide which plants to grow, dig up a plot of earth, and put plants in the ground once they've sprouted. Gardening is a very versatile activity, so it's well suited to everybody — a senior who might have trouble growing a large backyard garden can probably still enjoy growing herbs or potted tomatoes on their deck, for instance.

6. Feed the birds.

Who doesn't enjoy tossing handfuls of corn to a flock of eager geese or ducks? Feeding birds is a simple activity that everyone can do, regardless of their fitness level. Just make sure not to feed bread to waterfowl because it's not healthy for them. In addition, if a senior has difficulty standing for extended periods of time, it's a good idea to bring a folding chair to the park or pond for them.

7. Have a picnic.

Picnics are a delightful way to socialize, get some fresh air, and enjoy a nice meal, all at the same time. For caregivers with active clients, it's hard to go wrong taking a trip to a local park on a sunny day for a picnic. Backyard picnics are a good option for caregivers with less mobile clients. Springtime picnics are also a great way for families to get together and enjoy a visit in the sunshine.

8. Set up a bird feeder.

Watching birds is an easy and enjoyable activity, and it's particularly easy to attract all kinds of birds in the springtime. All it takes is a bird feeder and some bird seed. Northern California has a wide variety of native bird species, so bird-watchers will have plenty of new feathered friends to enjoy in no time.

9. Make spring-themed crafts.

Crafts are a great activity year-round, and for seniors with an artistic side, spring is an especially good time to get creative. A few ideas for springtime crafts include:

  • Decorating Easter eggs or making an Easter egg tree.

  • Making floral arrangements.

  • Creating flower wreaths or garlands, either with real or fake flowers.

  • Painting bird houses.

  • Decorating pots for planting herbs or flowers.

  • Creating decorative stakes and signs for the garden.

Springtime Home Care Services in California

Spring is a wonderful time of year, and home care services can play an important role in helping their clients enjoy it. For home caregivers and family members alike, these ideas for how to celebrate spring with seniors can help make the season special and memorable for everybody.

Got questions about home care services in California? Contact us today! We're happy to help.

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