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Is Home Care a Good Fit for You or Your Loved Ones?

Getting older, having a chronic illness or disability, or recovering from surgery are all reasons why people need the assistance of professional caregivers. Home care is a type of caregiving that allows people to be cared for within the comfort of their own homes. The benefits of home care are numerous and many people opt for this type of caregiving for themselves or for their loved ones. How does home care compare to other types of caregiving services and how do you know if home care is a good fit for you or your loved ones? It can be difficult to decide on the type of care you or your loved ones need. Perhaps you’re recovering from an illness and need care for yourself, or perhaps you’ve been caring for your aging parents and need some assistance. Whichever your scenario, it’s good to have a clear idea of what your options are. Home Care vs Home Health Care The two terms may sound the same, but are in fact very different from one another. Home care is provided by caregiving professionals who assist with personal care, such as mobility, grooming and hygiene, household tasks and chores, errands, facilitating visits from friends and family members, and caring for pets. The caregivers are trained to perform or assist with all of these tasks and their goal is to help provide people with independent living within their homes. Home health care, on the other hand, is provided by medical professionals with the goal of helping people heal after hospitalization, surgery, or doctor’s visits. Home health care usually provides services such as physiotherapy, skilled nursing, caring for wounds, and prescription management. There are many times when home health care and home care compliment each other and both types of caregiving services are needed. Home Care vs Assisted Living We’ve already discussed that home care is a caregiving service that allows people to receive care from within their own homes. Many people opt for this type of care for themselves or their loved ones because of the comfort that arises from being in a familiar setting that’s filled with memories. Home care enables people to maintain their sense of identity, their animal companions, their normal routines, the connection they have to their neighborhood, and relationships with friends and family members. Assisted living is a form of caregiving that is typically provided at an assisted living facility and is provided through an assisted living company or organization. This means moving out of the home and into a facility. People in assisted living typically receive care from multiple caregivers, which is different from the more personalized form of care provided by an in-home caregiver. Benefits include being part of a community of people who are in similar situations and living in a facility that is designed for people who are aging or have disabilities. Home Care vs Hospice Home care and hospice are both different and overlapping services. While there are facilities and hospitals that provide hospice care, many people prefer to receive hospice services from within their own home. Hospice is specifically designed to help people who are facing a terminal illness and are reaching the last stage of their life. Hospice care addresses a person’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, manages pain and other symptoms, and helps caregivers and family members. The main goal of hospice care is to provide a comfortable quality of life in its final stages. Many in-home caregivers provide both home care and hospice services. This is one way of allowing people to receive the kind of care they need from within their own homes. Hospice care can also be provided at special facilities and hospitals, but there is no benefit of being in a familiar setting like there is with home care. Since hospice helps facilitate people’s final days, many people prefer to receive care at home when possible rather than be moved to an unfamiliar place. Other Types of Care Covered Under Home Care People are unique and therefore have unique situations. One of the main benefits of home care is that it can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual person. This means that some people may need memory care while others may need care for children with special needs. If you’re interested in home care services, Alegre Home Care provides a variety of caregiving options, all customized for what you need. Services include:

  • Memory Care

  • Services for Special Needs Children

  • In-Home Childcare

  • Home Caregiving

  • And more!

Reach out to us today at one of our locations or call us at (800) 598-4777.

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