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Diversity and Inclusion are the Cornerstones of In-Home Care Services

Alegre Home Care has provided in-home care services for seniors and people with disabilities for over 25 years. In those 25 years we have found that there is no substitute for real experience. We are also the only LGBT-certified in-home care agency in Northern California. Certainly, diversity and inclusion are two of the cornerstones of our in-home care agency. But what does this mean exactly?

The words “diversity and inclusion” have become so commonplace that it can be easy to dismiss them as buzzwords these days. However, these values are intrinsically essential for providing high quality in-home care services. It is not enough to simply include these words when we speak about caregiving — as caregivers we have to embody diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

What Is “Diversity and Inclusion”?

Diversity represents the unique qualities of each individual and also groups of people. These qualities can be based on ethnicity, age, gender, orientation, and so forth. The application of diversity within an organization is having respect for these different aspects of individuals and groups. It’s about empowering people and appreciating what makes them different.

Inclusion is the process of welcoming diversity and making sure that people of all backgrounds feel included and safe. In a business setting, inclusion ensures that all people in an organization have a voice and feel represented.

Many organizations and businesses have expanded on diversity and inclusion to include equity, which is the fair treatment of individuals and groups. It’s the practice of trying to understand the unique needs of each person or group and providing what they need in order to have equality.

As a diverse, inclusive, and equitable in-home care agency, Alegre Home Care strives to empower staff, caregivers, and clients so that their well-being is prioritized.

Diversity and Inclusion within In-Home Care Services

There are many ways to incorporate diversity and inclusion into in-home care services. The biggest part for Alegre Home Care clients is through personalized care plans. With personalized care plans, Alegre Home Care provides individuals with the ability to age or recover from the comfort of their own home. Each caregivers works closely with the individuals in their care to create a plan that suits the unique needs and personalities of each individual. Personalized care plans are always created with empathy, compassion, diversity, inclusion, and equity in mind.

Below are some of the other key ways diversity and inclusion are prioritized at Alegre Home Care.

Accessibility. We understand that both caregivers and clients need different levels of access. For caregivers, this means offering flexible hours and providing resources that assist with caregiving services. Caregivers also have the full support of the agency behind them, so that they never have to “go it alone”. At Alegre Home Care, we’re a team, with everyone having different roles that complement one another.

For clients, we offer a range of services to accommodate different needs. In-home care services include dementia care, in-home childcare, senior care, and more. Clients have access to the level of care they need, for the amount of time that’s best for them. Our Quick Care program offers services for as little as 15 minutes, and our full suite of in-home care services is available 24/7.

Affordability. For clients, we strive to provide services at a fair cost. For caregivers, we offer competitive wages and accommodate the desired amount of hours. Caregiver Sandeep shares,

“Caregiving with Alegre Home Care provides me with stable hours and a flexible schedule. I get to connect with others while having the rewarding experience of contributing something positive to my community.”

Accountability. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not fully possible without accountability. As a leader in the in-home care field, Alegre Home Care provides continuing education for caregivers to ensure that clients are always receiving the latest and best quality of care. Alegre Home Care advocates for diversity and inclusion by supporting marginalized groups and partnering with local advocacy organizations, such as OpenHouse SF.

The quality of the in-home care agency is just as important as the caregivers. This is why caregiver Jamie feels proud to be part of Alegre Home Care. As the only LGBT-certified in-home care agency in Northern California, Alegre Home Care makes sure that everyone — no matter their background — has access to high quality home care services. Jamie is in transition as a transgender person herself and believes that the LGBTQ community needs to feel safe and comfortable receiving care in their own homes. This is especially necessary for the San Francisco Bay Area, which has an aging LGBTQ population. In-home care services from an agency that understands their background allows LGBTQ seniors to maintain their identity even in the vulnerability of old age, which is already a difficult phase of life on its own.

Call for a FREE Consultation

Do you or a loved one need in-home care services? We’re here to help! Receiving care at home begins with a phone call and a free consultation. We provide what’s best for you — Alegre Home Care can help you from as little as a 1.5 hour visit, to 24 hour care or even full time live-in care services. Contact us at 800-498-4777


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