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Showing PRIDE Love for LGBTQ+ Seniors

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Community is a cornerstone of our in-home care agency. It’s one of the reasons we support LGBTQ+ seniors and the LGBTQ+ community. During Pride month each June, we show our support more than ever.

For the last two years, Alegre Home Care has made sure to reach out to our LGBTQ+ seniors during Pride month with an Alegre-delivered Pride Bouquet. It’s just a little something to let these seniors know that they are valued and are important members of their communities.

Circumstances are different this year due to COVID-19. While caregivers are considered essential workers and Alegre Home Care is an essential business, we still want to take extra precautions and reduce the risks. This means we’ve had to find an alternative to delivering the Pride Bouquets.

We decided to partner with OpenHouse in San Francisco, the only non-profit dedicated to serving LGBTQ+ seniors in San Francisco with resources and even low/no income housing. Alegre Home Care has teamed up with the non-profit as the major sponsor for their “Pride Bags” distribution. The Pride Bags will be packed with all sorts of goodies and will add some festive cheer during Pride weekend.

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OpenHouse also has numerous virtual events planned and welcomes everyone to attend. Activities include stories about Pride from LGBTQ+ seniors, virtual marches and parades, Pride films, slideshows, and performances. The SF Pride Online Celebration features live and pre-recorded performances of greetings from LGBTQ+ community members, elected officials, celebrities, thought leaders, drag performances, and many more! Resources and event listings can be found on the OpenHouse website at

The Special Circumstances of LGBTQ+ Seniors

It means a lot to be able to participate and help those that may need assistance, especially now during these uncertain times. As LGBT seniors are part of a demographic that has historically placed them in the way of prejudices and abuse, being able to address their concerns in an honest and straightforward way is paramount to providing quality home caregiving services.

In many cases, LGBT seniors often put off utilizing assistive home care due to fear or uncertainty. It must be remembered that the current group of LGBT seniors have lived through monumental changes in the social perception of their lifestyle. As the only LGBT-Certified in-home care agency in Northern California, Alegre Home Care is uniquely suited to serve the LGBTQ+ community. To ensure the best care, all of our in-home caregivers have completed LGBT Cultural Humility Training.

We want people to be able to stay safe at home while still continuing to receive the care they need. Due to protocols surrounding COVID-19, many people no longer have access to their usual care resources. Services might be on hold or sites for receiving care might be closed. People who were available for support may now have to maintain social distancing or follow shelter in place measures. However, COVID-19 restrictions do not need to prevent people from receiving caregiving services — as Essential Workers, in-home caregivers are still available and can come directly to your home.

Stay Safe at Home with Alegre Home Care

If you or a loved one needs senior care in Stockton or the surrounding areas, please contact Alegre Home Care, one of the top home care agencies in Stockton and the nearby areas. We provide services in senior care, dementia care, childcare, injury recovery, and more! All Alegre Home Care employees are certified in a nationally recognized training program to prevent the transmission and spread of COVID 19. We take every precaution to keep our clients and caregivers safe.

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