Important Types of First Aid When Caring for Seniors

When caring for seniors, a primary concern is training home caregivers in the appropriate types of first aid. While no one wants to think about injuries, it is a home caregiver's job to plan ahead for emergency situations and know how to administer proper first aid for seniors and other clients. There are several common accidents among seniors that should definitely fall into every home caregiver's emergency preparedness plan and a few less common events that are equally important. With proper training in first aid for seniors, the home caregiver can put these plans into action and can even save lives. The best first aid is preventing accidents and injuries in the first place, so knowing w

10 Important Types of Training for Home Caregivers

A good home caregiver needs a wide skill set to meet all the challenges they'll face in the course of a day. Safety hazards, first aid, health issues, personal care — home caregivers have to know how to handle all these things and more. Whether you're a home caregiver yourself or you're thinking about hiring one, here are ten of the most important types of training every home care agency should provide for their caregivers. 1. First Aid Medical emergencies happen, and home caregivers need to know what to do if one arises. Extreme weather conditions like heat and cold can be dangerous for seniors, so it’s important for home caregivers to be able to recognize and treat conditions like dehydrat

5 Ways Seniors Can Stay in Touch with Friends and Family

Staying in touch with loved ones is incredibly important for older adults. But for many seniors, staying socially connected is tough. As people get older, their social groups tend to dwindle — friends and family members move, get sick, or just drift away from their old social group. At the same time, many older adults have an increasingly difficult time getting out of the house and staying active. As a result, it's common for people to get lonelier as they get older. Loneliness is bad news, both for a person's physical and mental health. Humans are social creatures, after all — we're designed to connect with others. Seniors who don't get the social interaction they need are at higher risk fo

Moving an Aging Parent In with You? How to Prepare Your Home

Are you considering moving an aging parent in with you, or have you already decided to do so? Home care can be an excellent option for seniors who are starting to need a little extra help taking care of day-to-day tasks. If your elderly parent has health or mobility issues, or if living alone might be putting their safety at risk, moving your aging parents in with you could be the best solution for everyone. It's important to do some thinking and planning before you move your senior parent into your house. Home caregiving is a big change, and it will impact your spouse's and children's lives as well as your own. A little forethought can help you make your house as safe as possible for your p

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