Creative Ways Home Caregivers Can Help Seniors Stay Hydrated

For the home caregiver, it is vital to understand the importance of proper hydration for the seniors in their care. For many seniors, the effects of aging — including the need for medications, cognitive impairments, physical limitations, increased sensitivity to extremes in temperature, renal function changes, thirst perception changes, and other issues — can contribute to increasing the risk for dehydration. A U.S. based study showed that 6.7% of hospitalized patients age 65 and over were dehydrated as a contributing factor of illness and 1.4% of the study group had dehydration diagnosed as the principal cause of their hospitalization.1 If let untreated or treated inadequately, dehydration

Risk Factors for Elder Abuse

When it comes to the topic of senior care, no one wants to think about the sad reality that elder abuse can, and sometimes does, happen in the home care setting. While elder abuse is a complicated matter, there are things we can do as caregivers to spot the more common risk factors and protect vulnerable seniors from abuse. To understand how to assess the risk and prevent elder abuse, it is helpful to first understand the problem more fully. While there are many variations, elder abuse can be divided into seven categories. Physical Abuse - When the word abuse is mentioned, this is what most people think of. Examples include, but aren't limited to, hitting, biting, kicking, scratching, and le

Transitioning from Family Caregiver to Home Caregiver: When to Ask for Help

When you are the primary caregiver for a senior family member or a family member who has a disability or illness, it can often be difficult to determine when the time has come to ask for outside help. We all want to provide the very best for our loved ones but being the sole caregiver day after day can be demanding. No one wants to say their loved ones have become a burden but the reality is that the demands on one's time and energy can result in damaged relationships, declines in the caregiver's own health, and extreme frustration. In some cases, it can even lead to abuse. If you are responsible for the daily needs of a family member, it is important to understand the signs of caregiver fat

How to Protect Seniors from Fraud and Scams

When it comes to frauds and scams, one of the most commonly victimized groups is the senior population. It is sad to think that older adults who have spent a lifetime working to save for retirement are at risk to lose their savings to fraud or scam artists but, unfortunately, it is a very present danger. In this post, we will take a few minutes to understand why this part of the population is at risk, some of the specific scams that target older adults, and what we can do as home care providers to help reduce the risks. As a home caregiver, you might be your client's first line of defense against senior fraud and scams. With proper diligence, you can go a long way in preventing seniors from

Staying Safe in the Sun: Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Everyone loves summer, but there are dangers to soaking up the summer. The nice weather, the warm temperatures, and the bright sunny days make for a pleasant time of year when people love to be outside. Summer safety tips for seniors can help caregivers provide their clients with enjoyable summer activities while not putting them at risk for things like heat stroke and dehydration. As the body ages, some of its systems no longer work the same and this can present very real dangers with exposure to temperature extremes and sunlight. While seniors can certainly enjoy summer activities, it is vital to understand effects that are unique to seniors and how to avoid the dangers that exist during t

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