The Best Things About Being A Caregiver

Whether you are a professional caregiver of looking after a loved one, caregiving can be physically and mentally strenuous. Home caregiving comes with a lot of responsibility and can become quite stressful or emotionally challenging at times. However, that doesn't mean that the experience can't be positive. Caregivers can experience satisfaction and growth while also feeling challenged by the tougher aspects of their role. According to the National Opinion Research Center (2014), 83% of caregivers view their work as a positive experience. It’s no surprise that people are willing to do hard work if they find it rewarding enough, so here are the best things about being a home caregiver: Stayin

Elderly Green Thumbs: Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

There’s a certain magic to being in a garden full of life and opportunity, let alone cultivating that beauty yourself. Gardening has become known by doctors, psychologists, and researchers alike to have powerful effects on the body and mind. The health benefits of gardening for seniors are even more significant in different ways. Gardening is empowering; it helps build physical strength, improves motor functioning, eases stress, and encourages positive mental well-being. In this article, we will discuss the various ways gardening can benefit seniors and our aging loved ones. Health Benefits of Gardening For Seniors In general, spending time in nature has been associated with improved emotion

How to Go above and beyond with Home Caregiving

We believe that providing home care is more than a business — it’s a passion. Recently, HG Magazine recognized Alegre Home Care for going “above and beyond” with our home caregiving services. HG (Heffernan Group) is a large multi-faceted business to business service company. For Alegre Home Care, Heffernan Group is our trusted insurance and medical plans broker. Charles Symes — founder of Alegre Home Care — has held a relationship with HG in a variety of ways for almost 30 years. HG are enthusiastic sponsors of most CAHSAH events and have a unique and credible approach to providing the finest services available to the home care and home health industries. We are honored to be recognized by H

The Frightening Effects of Loneliness in Seniors

As a society, we’re lonelier than we’ve been at any other point in history. Between our massively increased life expectancy, our habit toward urban isolation, and our emphasis on self-sufficiency, our society has forgotten many of the benefits of having a thriving support network, especially in later life. The dangers of loneliness are often understated, and clouded by stigma, but it’s never been more important to have the conversation about how to cope with social isolation, especially for seniors. Quantifying Loneliness Of Americans over the age of 65, about a third live alone. Of those over 85, that percentage jumps up to about half. Over the past thirty years, the number of Americans of

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