When to Move an Aging Parent in with You

Seniors living with their children is a big decision. Taking the step to move an aging parent into your home is something that will affect both you and your senior parent. This wonderful decision should not be made lightly and will have a lasting impact on you, your parent, your spouse, and your children. How to Decide When It is Time You’ve already made the decision to move your parent in with you when the time comes, but how do you know when that is? The simplest answer is when an aging parent can no longer reasonably take care of themselves. Depending on your parent's physical and mental health, there can be many warning signs that they are in need of home care. Wandering. If your parent

5 Games that Help Seniors Keep a Sharp Mind

Dementia is a broad term for a variety of degenerative brain diseases. Diseases that fall under the category of dementia are often long-term and result in a gradual decrease in a person's ability to think or recall memories. The impaired ability to think and remember affects a person's ability to function in daily tasks. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia and is characterized by short-term memory loss. Alzheimer's patients typically have difficulty remembering recent events. Additionally, they may be prone to mood swings, become easily disoriented with their surroundings, and may have difficulties with language. The cause of the disease is not fully understood but expert

Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks for Seniors and Home Caregivers

Now that the weather is becoming warmer, it is time to get busy putting the house back in order after a long, rainy winter. For older adults, spring cleaning is often an annual ritual that helps clear the home of clutter while eliminating allergens. However, seniors also often find that cleaning their home from top to bottom gets more challenging with each passing year. New health conditions that affect their energy levels and mobility can create challenges when it comes to completing household chores. The following spring cleaning hacks for seniors will make certain household chores easier to manage. These are also useful tips for home caregivers! Spring Cleaning Hacks for Seniors Being abl

The Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s in Seniors

Alzheimer's is a cruel, debilitating disease that destroys a person's brain over time. It corrupts the ability to store memories and can ultimately sap a person of their very identity. Currently, there is no cure or treatment method that can reverse the effects of Alzheimer's. However, discovering the dirge of Alzheimer's before it becomes severe can help a person live a more peaceful, dignified life. When one is aware of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s in seniors, it becomes possible to institute necessary steps to provide proper home care and support one may need during the more critical stages of the disease. Below are several symptoms of dementia that could be indicative of developing A

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