How to Celebrate Older Americans Month

Originally called, “Senior Citizens Month,” President John F. Kennedy and members of the National Council of Senior Citizens designated the month of May as Older Americans Month. Since then, May has been a time to acknowledge the contributions of older members of our society, both past and present, and how they shape our communities. Older veterans are particularly honored during Older Americans Month as a way to commemorate their sacrifices. Older Americans Month 2016 has a unique theme this year, which is “Blaze a Trail.” As a community of caregivers, we witness every day the trails our senior citizens are blazing, whether it is on a small scale with their friends and families, or on a lar

Is Home Care a Good Fit for You or Your Loved Ones?

Getting older, having a chronic illness or disability, or recovering from surgery are all reasons why people need the assistance of professional caregivers. Home care is a type of caregiving that allows people to be cared for within the comfort of their own homes. The benefits of home care are numerous and many people opt for this type of caregiving for themselves or for their loved ones. How does home care compare to other types of caregiving services and how do you know if home care is a good fit for you or your loved ones? It can be difficult to decide on the type of care you or your loved ones need. Perhaps you’re recovering from an illness and need care for yourself, or perhaps you’ve

How Home Care Services Help People Stay with Animal Companions

Home care services allow people to heal or age comfortably in the familiar surroundings of their home environment. There are many benefits to this and one is that home caregiving allows people to maintain the connection they have with their animal companions. When home care is not an option, many people lose their animal companions along with their home, since they are not able to bring their pets with them to their new location. This loss can be a heart wrenching experience, especially for seniors, who over the years lose many friends and family members to old age; being separated from their animal companions is just one more loss through which they have to suffer. One of the goals of h

The Benefits of Home Care Services for Your Loved Ones

There are many situations where a loved one can benefit from home care services. Sometimes, it’s a case of caring for your aging parents, even moving them into your own home. In other scenarios, you may have a child with disabilities, or you yourself may have disabilities, and are seeking support so that you can maintain a desirable quality of life. Home care services carry many benefits for people who want to recover from an illness, manage their disability, or age in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Caregiving is a strenuous and difficult undertaking that requires more time and expertise than most people are aware of. Professional home care services offer much needed benefits for pe

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